Loss in productivity and extended down time are common problems with companies of all types, but especially bigger companies where it’s much harder to supervise a big number of employees. In response, many companies turn to website block services and software to deal with the problem. Kroger Express HR kroger eschedule

Why are employees tempted to take frequent brakes?

The solution to this problem doesn’t lie in throwing warnings and threats at the employees caught red-handed using the internet for other purposes than work and is better dealt with by website block.

Social studies show that this behavior is compulsive, if given an opportunity to take a break from work, a massive percent of the employees working in offices and in front of the computer will do so without realizing they are guilty of downtime or decreased productivity.

Because the activities they conduct outside of their job do not require them to leave their desks, it seems to the average employee like they hadn’t done anything wrong at all. Applying penalties for this kind of behavior might also seem to the employee as unfair, unjustified and uncalled for.

The alternative – website blocking.

The simple alternative to this common problem is website blocking, a solution that can deal with a big number of internet related problems in the workplace:

– Potentially dangerous websites – websites that not only decrease productivity but can also affect the system by infecting it with viruses, spyware and other unwanted malware. Such websites are usually adult or gambling orientated and are better off blocked on any company network.

– Social websites – the number one reason for decreased productivity in departments that work mostly on the computer. The checking of social websites becomes almost compulsive for the average user and as long as they will have access to them, one can be almost certain the employees will take a few minutes to check their friend’s status or update their own.

– Games – little flash games seem much too tempting in the middle of a tedious or monotonous task, and many employees are tempted to take 5 minutes off when the supervisors aren’t around to relax playing this mini-games unless they are under website block.